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I've just installed the latest version of SQL Compare on a Windows 2000 Server SP4 system with SQL Server 2000 installed. On startup of Compare, I immediately get the error "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled."

I've uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times but still get the error.

Any suggestions?


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    Hi there,
    Please make sure that you have .NET 1.1.4322 installed.
    Hope that helps
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    I've got both 1.1.4322 and 2.0.50727 on the servers.

    Installation works fine on Windows XP sp2 with both of these.
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    Which version of SQL Compare are you running please?
    (If you use copy the following command from Windows Explorer
    %ProgramFiles%\Red Gate\SQL Bundle 5 and then right hand click on the program "RedGate.SQLCompare.UI.exe"
    Select "Properties" and click on the version tab.)
    Please can you send me all four numbers of File Version.

    Thank you, regards
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    I'm using the latest version:
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    Hi there,
    We have just run SQL Compare on a Windows 2000 Server SP4 system with SQL Server 2000 installed and it all worked fine.
    Have you got any information about the Exception that is being generated please.
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    This is the exception:

    RedGate.SQLCompare.UI.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
    Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

    Process id=0x1068 (4200), Thread id=0xe40 (3648)

    Click OK to terminate the application.
    Click CANCEL to debug the application.[/img]
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    Hi there,
    Can you please do the following,
      1) start up a DOS box 2) go to the directory that SQL Compare is installed in 3) type the following command C:Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Bundle 5\>
    RedGate.SQLCompare.UI.exe 2>error.log
    This should then copy the actual exception being generated into the file called error.log.
    4) Please email me the error file. (david.connell@redgate.com)
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    Problem solved. Based on the error log, I checked my fonts directory and found that the Times New Roman font needed by the DevExpress component was missing. Installed the font and everything is working now.
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