Does this product work on SQL 64 bit?

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Hi Mark,

That's a tough one. Windows should be able to run 32-bit code on
Itanium using something like the Windows-On-Windows subsystem that Microsoft
came out with to run 16-bit code on 32-bit processors way-back-when. Since
SQL Compare is 100% managed .net code, though, the only thing that should be
32-bit native is the program launching code from what I understand.

We don't test out software on 64-bit hardware as it's designed to
run on 32-bit systems, but since the majority of the code is running in the
Microsoft .net Common Language Runtime, I'd have to say that the odds are it
would work without a hitch.

Best thing I can say is to give it a try.


Brian Donahue

Red Gate Technical Support

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