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Hello There!
I am working on a .net 2 winforms application which has heavy (50-100mb) dataobjects like datatable, dataview etc.

Windows Task manager's Process -->"Mem Usage" doesn't give correct footprint of memory being used by application. Becuase OS allocated more memory than actually needed.

I want to know how much memory my application is actually using at every snapshot using ANTS Profiler. I ran few small tests and got some results.

My question is, does "Total size of all live objects" mean total memory use of whole application. Should I consider any overheads?

Also when I try to run Ants Profilerfor application that uses about 200 mb memory tests never get completed and memory use goes above 1.2 GB. Are there any settings to do profile heavy memory use applications?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Rajeev,

    ANTS Profiler's memory profiling can potentially use lots of system memory (ironic?). The software really doesn't have a setting to limit the memory usage, unfortunately, especially with memory profiling, where the software doesn't enable filtering as it does in performance profiling.

    The results show how much memory was consumed by .NET objects in your code. This doesn't include the resources, program code, and other things that the Windows OS loads. It's really only concerned with the memory allocation on the managed heap, so it's really not a good measure of how much memory your application would need in order to run efficiently.
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