Is it possible to execute a block against a different DB

tanygaertanygaer Posts: 5
edited August 30, 2006 4:05AM in SQL Toolkit Previous Versions
I would like to execute the Block against a third database ie. one i have not registered - this would mean it needed to do an insert rather than an update is this possible ?


  • Hi there,
    The block contains fixed SQL to execute. This SQL was dynamically generated from the original databases. If you want to generate new SQL against a different database you should register that new database and compare against it.
    If the third database was in the same state as the compared database you could try executing the SQL. (Try looking at the SQL Packager template files to see how to open a connection to a database and run SQL against it.) I would not recomend this as it would be confusing when one of the databases gets out of synch with the other.
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