PAC 5 - Packages do not work with InstallShield/VS packages

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  • Date: 25 Aug 2006
  • Versions Affected: SQL Packager 5.2

Executables created with SQL Packager can be deployed as Installer custom actions to create a database on a remote customer's site as part of a product installation. If the executable 'Package' was created in SQL Packager 5.2, the install will fail. The reason for this is a code change in the SQL Packager code template that causes the execution of the package to fail if the package file is renamed or moved and invoked from another directory using a relative path.

There is a hotfix for the SQL Packager code template to fix this problem if you are experiencing it. If you can open the SQL Packager Code Template project using Microsoft Visual Studio (c:\program files\red gate\sql bundle 5\sql packager code templates\c#) and open PackageMain.cs, then change line 30 to read
object obj1 = m_Domain.CreateInstanceFromAndUnwrap(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location,"Package.__TEMPLATE_PROJECTNAME__.PackageApplication");

If you cannot edit packagemain.cs, please download the fix from ...

and extract the files to the SQL Packager code templates folder mentioned above.
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