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SQL Backup Syntax Error in Version 4.5

essamughalessamughal Posts: 35
edited August 22, 2006 12:20PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

I am wondering if some other DBA got the same problem, I have restore job running in production and last week I installed newer version of SQL Backup i.e. 4.5 and since then my restore job was not running and no email was sent out. So, I found that today and debugged the problem since I did not touch anything else other than upgrade. The Exit Code was 850. Which is Syntax Error in SQL Backup code.

After debugging I found that the REPLACE keyword at the end was in next line after line break and when I moved it up in the same line where we move data and log files, the script starts working. The script was running fine in older version i.e. 4.2.

Let me know and let the Red Gate Developers team know if someone else has faced the same problem. Or Red-Gate Support team should check that case if it is true. For me, I tested and that was the problem which is kind of silly problem for me which caused us big problem, we are using Restore for our reporting server which restores production copy everyday.

There are so many minor releases from Red-Gate, they should control it, I just finished upgrading Red-Gate SQL Backup 4.5 on my five servers and now they releases 4.6.



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