Problem compairing bit fields

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Hi Thies,

Data Compare evaluates columns for comparison by checking the name, and
like everything Data Compare does, it uses a case-sensitive comparison!

Can you verify that the EnableViewFrame and EnableCalculatedBy columns
are named exactly the same (case-sensitively) in both databases? I'm certain
that that's the reason why they aren't being compared.


Brian Donahue
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"Thies Schrader" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> (Please CC responses to me by email, as I do not follow this news group,
> thank you)
> I am now evaluating the SQL Data Compare product - I am very happy with
> One problem I am having is with some fields at the end of tables - not
> compared.
> Running SQL Server 7 SP3, I have the following table defined:
> CREATE TABLE [dbo].[NET_Statistics_Chart] ([Id] [int] NOT NULL , [Heading]
> [varchar] (50) NULL , [XAxisName] [varchar] (50) NULL , [YAxisName]
> [varchar] (50) NULL ,[AxisFormatId] [int] NOT NULL , [Vertical] [bit] NOT
> NULL , [LinkPageId] [int] NOT NULL , [PageId] [int] NOT NULL ,
> [EnableViewFrame] [bit] NOT NULL , [EnableCalculatedBy] [bit] NOT NULL )
> GO
> GO
> My problem is that after data-comparing an empty table to a table with
> rows, I am getting updates but without the EnableViewFrame and
> EnableCalculatedBy columns. E.g. SQL Data Compare Script output is:
> INSERT INTO [dbo].[NET_Statistics_Chart] ([Id], [Heading], [XAxisName],
> [YAxisName], [AxisFormatId], [Vertical], [LinkPageId], [PageId]) VALUES
> 'Call Detail Record', 'Time', NULL, 1, 0, -1, 2)
> (Notice that the [Vertial] bit field does in fact get compared, but the
> last bit fields are not).
> Changing the bit field to be an int or renaming the
> EnableViewFrame/EnableCalculatedBy columns does not help.
> Can anyone understand what the problem is?
> - Thies Schrader


  • I am having the same problem and I have verified that the fields are named the same in both tables, incouding case sensitivity.

    In fact, I've used SQL Compare to verify this, so you know it has to be right

    FYI: I am a registered user now, in case that increases my chances of a reply
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    Was this column added since the last comparison took place? Data Compare picks up on new columns added since the last comparison to the same database but it has the annoying trait of not including them in the comparison and you have to go into the second screen of the comparison wizard and manually pick the column to be compared.
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