Another feature request :)

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Hi Paul,

Possibly... I can say that there was a lot of agony about choosing the
colours to represent different things based on perceptions and usability
tests, so I don't know how warm a welcome this idea will get.


Brian Donahue
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"Paul Buxton" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> A minor one this time, and one that should be asy to implement ;)
> I was doing a comparison, and I have a field that is 1 character long. In
> 1280*1024, its damned difficult to see a colour difference on fields at
> first glance.
> Could you possibly make an option for the user to choose to choose a
> for the cell background AND foreground?? With a coloured background, I'd
> have spotted the difference on a single char field :)


  • Usability tests aside, some colors just aren't consistent between display devices. The light green used to show field differences in the HTML comparison report is hard to distinguish from the surrounding black font on my laptop. I'd like to tweak it so it stands out more.
    Jeff Lowery
    M2 Information Systems
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