Log Shipping process running indefinatly

Jeff RandallJeff Randall Posts: 41
edited October 3, 2006 10:08PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
DBCC xp_sqlbackup(FREE)

DECLARE @exitcode int
DECLARE @sqlerrorcode int
exec master..sqlbackup N'-sql "RESTORE LOG [SOY_usc001prd] FROM DISK = ''\\Server\d$\SQLBackups\SOY_usc001prd_*.sqb'' WITH STANDBY = ''d:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\BACKUP\UNDO_SOY_usc001prd.DAT'', MAXTRANSFERSIZE = 524288, MOVETO = ''\\Server\d$\SQLBackups\Atlanta''"', @exitcode OUTPUT, @sqlerrorcode OUTPUT
IF (@exitcode <>0) OR (@sqlerrorcode <> 0)
RAISERROR ('SQL Backup job failed with exitcode: %d SQL error code: %d', 16, 1, @exitcode, @sqlerrorcode)

The process runs forever (until I kill it), but does not seem to be processing any log files. Currently it has been running 23 hours, without processing a single log file, or giving an error...


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