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Transaction Log backup fails

paragonwayparagonway Posts: 2
this is the backup call:

master..sqlbackup '-SQL
DISK = 'G:\SQLSer~1\LRCS\Trans\LRCS_TRANS_BU_08_02_2006_104247.BAK'
NAME = 'LRCS_TRANS_BU_08_02_2006_104247'
, DESCRIPTION = 'A Description '
, MAILTO = ''
, MAILTO_ONERROR = 'Admin_SQL@cfsi.net'
, LOGTO = '\'
, MIRRORFile = '\\dataking\SQL_ProdBU\LRCS_TRANS_BU_08_02_2006_104247.BAK'
, EraseFiles = 3
', @exitcode OUTPUT, @sqlerrorcode OUTPUT

what is returned:

Server: Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure UP_Backup_DB_TransAction_RedGate, Line 153
SQL Backup job failed with exitcode: 1010 SQL error code: 4208

i have been receiving this error consistently for over a week on the transaction logs.

my full db backups are still processing without any errors.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    There is a simple explanation for this. Error 4208 means that the database is unable to perform transaction log backups because the database's recovery model is SIMPLE. The recovery model must be full (maybe even bulk-logged), but a database writes to the log file differently in simple mode.

    To fix this, you'd need to go into the database's properties and change the recovery model to FULL.

    Please reference SQL Server Books online first about changing recovery models as there are a number of 'gotchas' in changing recovery models that you need to be aware of.
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    fhanlonfhanlon Posts: 17 Bronze 2
    I get the same error but my database has a recovery model of full
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