Running ANTS profiler I get no results - can anyone help.
Running on LocalHost. Web site has 4 DLL's and the same 4 PDB files located in the /BIN directory. Here are the steps;
1 - run wizard
2 - select web application
3 - select http://localhost/startpage.aspx
4 - only .Net methods with source code

ANTS starts and stops IIS and then opens a browser to the page indicated above.

I then run through the web application page by page.

I tried this both using and not using 'take snapshot' - when finished I close the browser window and ANTS display a summary page;


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    This is a very common issue. Is this happening on an ASP .NET 2.0 web application? If so, you may want to enable debug compilation in the ASP .NET configuration (or in the web.config) because ASP .NET 2.0 always wants to compile dynamically.
  • It is on a .Net ver 1 site - not 2.0. I also just tried to profile all instead of just those with source code with still no results.

    I tried just about all combinations of 'snapshot', enable, disable, etc and can not get it to do any profiling. We are runnng a windows 2000 workstation with IIS installed - this means virtual webs which is the only option - I am wondering if this has anything to do with the problem
  • Web Config is set to Degug=true
    .Net Framework is 1.1

    Tried to profile ALL and still the response is NONE PROFILED.
  • Hi there,

    sorry to hear that you are having problems with the profiler. From your description I can only guess that the profiler is disabled during the profiling run. Can you check the following?

    1) You have checked 'Profile all methods'
    2) The profiler is enabled when you start profiling (there is a button on the main toolbar that controls enable/disable)
    3) When you start profiling, the status bar at the bottom of ANTS Profiler changes to say 'Profiling performance of your web app'
    4) Now take a snapshot

    If 1) to 4) are correct I can't see how you would get 'No .NET Methods have been profiled'

    Let us know how you get on.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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