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We are using user instances (sql 2005 Express) to sync with a sql server 2000 server by field name and value. This has worked very nicely for us and we are about to go live.

However, a problem has come to light.

Using the field name and value syncing, we have successfully synced modifications from the SQL server 2000 to the sql Express database. We have also successfully synced inserts from the SQL server 2000 to the SQL Express database. However, when there are a mixture of inserts and updates syncing does not occurr.

When we shut down our application and start it up all records are synced the first time we perform synchronization.( from the sql server 2000 to sql express).

Syncing continues to work while all of the changes are of the same type ( either updates or inserts). However, when we have a mixture of these changes ( two records updated, one new record), none of the records come down to the sql express database.

However, starting and stopping the application always seems to resolve the issue for the first sync of the application.

The application will continue to sync successfully until we have a mixture of updates and inserts and then the application must be restarted before syncing will occurr.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to solve this problem.

Craig adams
Vivus Software, Inc


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