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License problems when running from WISE

david.sundstromdavid.sundstrom Posts: 2
edited July 19, 2006 6:23AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I emailed this three weeks ago but did not get any response.

I have compiled a compare project using vs2005.

This program was based on the example provided with sql compare 5.1.

The program runs fine when you double-click it, but if I start it from within a WISE 8.5 installation-project it stops and asks for a licensenumber.

This seems very strange. Why do you think this occurs ?



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    Hi David,
    Sorry that I missed your question last time.
    I only have access to to InstallShield, however I cannot really see that should make any difference.
    I have made up a ConsoleApp from the SQL Comapre 5.2 code snippits using VS2005. I then added it to the installation and was able to run it fine.
    I also did the same for a VB code snippit, turned it into a Windows App, but used VS2003. I ran this no problem under Install Shield.
    I have got full RedGate licences on my machine. I pressume that you have a Toolkit licence etc?

    My CustomAction type was 34? I put all the files (dlls & exe) into InstallShields Support directory. I included the following files:
    SQL Compare Code Snippets.exe

    Please let me know how you got on.
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