Unhandled exception during performance profiling


I'm running ANTS Profiler 2.6.0 BUILD 62, and using it to profile our GUI Host. This is a .NET application, which hosts .NET assemblies that provide GUI functionality.

When I run the GUI Host (with my Email Plugin enabled), it runs normally. The GUI Host is our release version; I have built a debug version of the Email Plugin so symbols & code are available for testing & profiling.

When I run the GUI Host through the ANTS Profiler (again, with the Email Plugin enabled), it crashes with an unhandled exception - if I'm performing performance profiling. It runs normally when performing memory profiling.

Unfortunately I cannot provide more information about the exception, as if I click the Debug on the dialog that appears, I don't begin a debugging session, but instead ANTS Profiler exits with the following dialog:

Process exited
The application that you are profiling has exited without shutting down normally. Profiling will now stop.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - in particular, I'm fairly sure I can work this out for myself if I could persuade ANTS Profiler to let me debug the crashed process.



  • Hi there,

    sorry to hear that the profiler is not working for you out of the box. Does it work if you try and performance profile the release build of your application? If so, then something is going wrong with the instrumentation in ANTS Profiler. This would be difficult to hunt down without your application, but we may get some useful information from the profiler logs. You can enable logging by creating a folder Logs in the directory where ANTS Profiler is installed.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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