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Hello, I have downloaded the trial version of SQL Compare and I have a question concerning the Create Database Snapshot option.

In order for this application to be useful I would need to be able to provide my clients with a utility that they can use to create the snapshot on their end and send it to me, then I create the update script and send it to them to be updated. We have several clients where we do not have access to their Database which would make a standard compare procedure impossible. Is there a way to accomplish this task?



  • Hi there,
    I think these are your options:
      A)Either your customers could buy SQL Compare and generate the snapshots for you. B) You could use the SQLCompare command line program to generate the snapshot. (I think you would require SQL Compare professional licence) Send your customers this program + it's redistributables. You would have to ask sales about the licencing of this. C) You could write your own small program using the SQL Toolkit API and send that (+its redistributables) to your customers. You would have to ask sales about the licencing of this. D) Ask your customers to backup their database and then restore it back on your system
    You should be able to try out option B + C with your trial licence.
    Hope that helps.
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