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Problem Comparing tables with different collations

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited January 23, 2003 1:32PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

The problem was not the collation, but the fact that the two tables had
different settings for allowing NULLS:

Table 1:
[column1] [varchar] (50) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NULL ,

Table 2:
[column1] [varchar] (50) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NOT NULL ,

But for everyone's information, you can set SQL Compare to ignore
collation order through Tools->Options Objects tab.

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"Andrea Masi" <amasi@RandomResearch.it> wrote in message
> I am attempting to compare two databases with different cpllations in SQL
> Compare 2.02.
> As a result, I get a difference in the compare grid for every table. I
> set the option in "View -> Options" to collation order, rescripted both
> databases, and ran the comparison again and got the exact same results. It
> seems that SQL Compare is completely missing the "Ignore collation order"
> option
> when doing a comparison.
> Is there any way to compare while ignoring differing collations?
> If so, how do I set that up?
> Thanks,
> Andrea Masi
> Random Research s.r.l.
> www.RandomResearch.it
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