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mulmadmulmad Posts: 94
edited October 6, 2006 5:09AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I'd lilke to be able to right click an object, have a list of linked objects shown and then be able to select an object to navigate to (the viewer should then scroll to the selected object).

Kind of like the "Navigate to parent/child" function in Erstudio.


  • Hi Mulmad,

    If you select an object, a list of linked objects will be displayed in the Dependencies pane in the bottom right of the screen. If you double click one of these, the viewer will select and scroll to the selected objects.


  • I was thinking in more "visual terms".

    Say you only have one object displayed in the viewer.
    You right click the object and get a list of dependant objects.
    You then select the objects you want to explore/have displayed.

    This way you would be able to work you way through a chain of dependancies visually.
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