ANTS Profiler is a very useful tool for .NET developers. I use it primarily for finding memory leaks in my application. When looking for memory leaks, usually I have to drill down the parent objects until I found a parent that shouldn't be referencing the object. Since ANTS profiler only show one level of parent objects in the hierarchy, this is not a trivial task, and some guessing are needed to click on the correct parent object. So, I have a suggestion here to ease this job. I think ANTS Profiler can include a search function to search for parent objects that doesn't form a loop, or search for a static parent objects, since static parent objects usually cause the memory leak problem. Another suggestion is the grid, the footer summary function should be enabled in the devexpress xtragird to provide more information, I usually did this in my own application. That's all, hope to see these changes in the next release. Thanks.
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