Enhancement Request: Ignore Replication Objects and Triggers

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Background: I currently work with a production environment that uses replicated databases, but also work with non-replicated development and test environments. My problem is that these databases do not compare cleanly using SQL compare. Specifically, replication triggers and other objects show up as changes, when I only care about the user-defined aspects of the database. I assume I am not the only one with this problem.

What I am proposing is an option that would provide a clean comparison between these environments, and the ability to synchronize from a replicated database to a non-replicated database. This should be simpler to implement than full blown support for replication.

For compares, the option would ignore replication objects including replication triggers, but would still compare and synchronize user defined triggers on tables.

Specifically, the ins_xxx, upd_xxx, and del_xxx triggers would be ignored along with stored procedures like sp_sel_xxx_pal, and roles like MSmerge_xxx. (This is not a complete list.) Most (all?) replication related tables such are already ignore since they are defined as system tables.

The determination of what is and is-not a replication object could be determined using pattern recognition on the object name. (There may be a more complex, more robust method such as looking at the data in sysmergearticles table or status in sysobjects, but I am not asking for this.)

For synchronization, only synchronizing to non-replicated objects need be supported. For replicated tables in the "from" database, user defined triggers would be copied, but replication triggers would not.

An alternative is to support rules for excluding objects based on user-specified name patterns. I'll post this separately.


  • Hi there,
    Please can you verify that you have turned on the option Ignore Replication triggers under More Options dialog box dialog box. (This dialog box can be found by clicking the More Options... button on the Options tab of the Project Configuration dialog box.)
  • I have egg on my face. I must appologize for requesting a feature without checking latest version. (I was running V3.) The "ignore replication triggers" would indeed serve my needs.
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