Feature Request: Ignore Primary Keys and Indexes seperately

casadyccasadyc Posts: 8
edited July 3, 2006 5:29AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
In SQL Compare 5.2, I am currently selecting the option of "Ignore Indexes" on the "Options" tab of the project configuration. This works well for me except in the case of primary keys. Because a primary key is also an index, this causes the primary keys to be ignored as well. And since the primary keys are ignored, any foreign keys that point to columns that are primary keys (in the source database anyway) fail to be created.

Unless I'm totally missing a way to do this already, I submit to you my feature request: I would like to have the feature in the Options tab which would seperate the ignore index option into "Ignore Primary Keys" and "Ignore Indexes."

This would make me happy.



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