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database errors

ubuubu Posts: 2
edited June 26, 2006 11:11AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
Wondering if the product already has the ability to point out errors in the schema: references to view fields that do not exist, have been changed, etc.

I tried external dependencies, but that did not show field errors that I knew were there.

Also, though I assume all the object dependencies shown are correct. The external dependencies report lists some errors that are correct, all having to do with the database system tables or the master database (which was included).

Am i doing something wrong?


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    Hi ubu,

    We don't currently track dependencies at the column/field level, so reliably pointing out errors in the schema at the current level is not supported.

    However, a future version of Dependency Tracker may well support column level dependency tracking, and then this sort of information should be available.

    All the best,

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