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I'm always creating new utilities but never have the time to develop it sufficiently so it can be marketed. Time after time, eventually someone comes up with aproduct that does the same thing, but I hate to wait. This time, I thought I'd save myself the trouble and ask you for the utility that I was thinking of writing myself:

Too aften we work on systems in a development environment where we have only a subset of the data that is available on production, and this data needs to be periodically refresh from production. However, we can only move a subset of the production data to development.

if the system has referential integrity (and most of ours sadly, in my opinion, do not) it is a pain to get a subset that all links together as so not to break the referential integrity. In other words, say we want to move nly the data for North American customers and everything that is attached to that data. it would be nice to have a utility that starts with the customer table and traverse the referential integrity chain identifying tables that are linked to it. the utility would then only extract those supporting records that are related to the North American customers.

If the database does not have referential interity in it, the user should be allow to specify referential integrity within the utility and outside of the database. This would be used instead to extract the data. The database could also have its integrity verified on demand against this meta data, rather than real time as it would be if it were in the db.

Just a thought.


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