Profiler unable to detect Frameworks on Cassini sites

Error: The web application http://localhost:8080/ has not loaded the .Net Framework. Please check that http://localhost:8080/ is an ASP.NET web application. Please note that accessing cached web pages will not load the .Net Framework.

Environment - WinXP, VS.Net2005, Ants Profiler 2.6

Since I'm using an XP client for dev, am using Cassini as the web server per ... 31138.aspx

http://localhost:8080/ is not in the dropdown list of web servers to profile. I can type it in manually but then get the error at the top of this post when trying to take a snapshot.

What's the solution to get this running? Or does ANTS not work with Cassini?


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    I'm not sure -- certainly we do not test ANTS Profiler with any web server platform other than IIS. The list of web applications that ANTS Profiler produces is taken by reading the IIS configuration (metabase), so I would understand that any other web server would not show a list of web applications. ANTS Profiler uses the metabase for other functions, such as determining the process that is going to run the ASP .NET code (aspnet_wp.exe)

    What I would recommend as long as the application you're working on is built using Visual Studio 2005, is to use Webdev.WEebserver.exe to run the web application, and tell ANTS Profiler to profile webdev.webserver.exe as if it were a regular desktop application, giving it the correct arguments to start your web application.

    Hopefully this will work for you. Unfortunately we don't plan to support any web servers other than IIS at this time.
  • That limit makes it tough for folks in my position who have to develop multiple top level sites and where the company has standardized on WinXP for dev workstations.

    I'll give it a go using your recommendation and report on how it flies.
  • Sweet! Works like a charm.

    I suspect mine is not an uncommon scenario, and think it would be great if at least the ANTS documentation could be updated to suggest this approach, if not add such an option direclty into the UI.
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    I'd imagine webdev.webserver is meant for debugging so it probably doesn't scale all that well. You could try to profile the cassini web server as a normal application; that may work as long as it's a normal Windows exe. If it's a service, you could try profiling it as a Windows service.
  • You may be right re: it's intended use, but given the cost of licensing it's not uncommon in small orgs (like the one I'm in now) for devs to use it as a "dev server" if you can believe it. Also, many folks use it as a webserver on their laptops when they give demos/presentations. Anyways...

    I was able to profile it as a normal windows.exe and it's given me some good info so far. :D
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