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bradscheepersbradscheepers Posts: 10
edited June 22, 2006 4:45AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there

I have a Professional Edition of SQL Compare v and it works perfectly except (I hope I'm hope doing something stupid) I can't get it to compare Triggers or Indexes.

I've made sure that I don't ignore DML Triggers (are these the same as normal triggers) and indexes in the Options tab.

I get a list of tables, stored procedures, views, users, roles and functions. Where are the indexes and triggers?

I need these to be in the output file for the command line functionality as well.



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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Brad,

    SQL Compare is organized in a way that triggers and indexes are part of the definition for the table. There are a number of options, as you have noted to ignore triggers and indexes if you don't care about them. If you were interested specifically in generating change scripts solely for triggers and indexes, that would be an automation job that you could do in a SQL script or using the SQL Toolkit programming API from us.

    DDL triggers are a new feature of SQL Server 2005: they allow you to specify an action to take place when the schema of a database is modified, rather than just the data (DML trigger). DDL triggers could have an impact on database synchronization so we give you the option to disable them.
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    Aah ... that is not ideal. I was hoping it would be included in the list of objects that are compared.

    Oh well, maybe in a later release they can be separated.

    Thanks alot.
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