My application stop immediately when I try to use the profiler!

Part of the problem could be I'm using some native dependency?

Any tip to understand what's going on?


  • I don't know why my application stopped..
    I don't have exception report or something..

    Or maybe I'm missing them... :( I think I should go to bed anyway..

  • Not only my application die right away but I have the non-sensical data report:

    (aheum... improvement idea: being able to copy paste the data)
    Method Time Time with Children
    Program.Main(string[] args) 0 48s

    well it dies immediately!
    where does that 48 seconds come from?

    I can't copy the children, there are 2 of them, they have very long name, they seems to be module constructors
    Fact is: it doesn't take 48s!!

    You could test my problem yourself!
    You could download an evaluation of the product:

    check that it, indeed, works!
    try the profiler, and see that it, indeed, doesn't work :(
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hello Lloyd,

    I've got the information that you'd sent via email and am having a look.
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