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I am trying to upgrade/synchronize a 32 GB Sql Server Database to a latest version and found that the synchronize process has increased the DB size by 4 times. The scripts showed is creating temp tables and moving the whole data into them, before renaming the temp table to the name of the actual table, instead of using Alter scripts.

Due to this the sync process took up all the space on my server and locked the pc... :(

Is there a way to override this and use alter scripts instead ?

Satveer Khurpa


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hello Satveer,

    Normally, SQL Compare does alter a table rather than rebuild it. In circumstances, a table rebuild is necessary, for instance, I believe that a change to the IDENTITY property of a column would force a table rebuild.

    If you look at the warnings tab of the synchronization wizard, you will be told that a table needs to be rebuilt and the reason why the rebuild is necessary.

    The only circumstance where you can control this is if you specify the 'force column order to be identical' option and the rebuild is being forced in order to preserve the column order between the table in the two databases.
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