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I'm hoping for some clarification from someone at red-gate. I've picked up one of my company's SQL Data Compare licenses but I'm now wondering if in fact I need a Toolkit license to get the following working.

I want/I'm trying to write a NUnit assembly using the data compare API. I personally need to be able to develop and compile the project and our build server needs to be able to compile and run the assembly using nunit. Is this possible only with the Toolkit version? and how many licenses in this senario are required? one or two? Does the licenses.licx file work with dll project types?



  • Hi,

    You are probably best off contacting [email protected] (or give us a call) and they should be able to make sure you have the appropriate type and number of licenses for what you are trying to do.


    - James
    James Moore
    Red Gate Software Ltd
    James Moore
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