What does "Total size (bytes)" really mean?

I just downloaded a trial version and I am running this against a .NET Application in c#.

After running the application and taking snapshots for Memory profiling,
I then view the results, and I am viewing in the All classes tab.

I'm looking at my Module Name which is AreaUnderCurve.exe and under there it lists my application name and my two classes.

One class is a simple object with four properties
Another class is a collection of the simple object
The third class is the frmMain - the main form.

I'm trying to understand what Total size (bytes) really means.... Does it mean the total memory that WAS used by this class, OR is it the total memory NOW used by the class. I would think it means the amount of member used during the lifetime of the application, but I'm not sure.

Can someone clarify that for me?




  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Bernie,

    In 'All Classes', the Total Size is the total number of bytes allocated for all instances of objects of that particular class. The live size is the size that that is currently in memory at the time of the snapshot.
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