SQL Data compare running from CMD line

Hi, I am trying this software for the first time.
I need to automatically sync a table on different SQL servers.
I have created a batch file to automate this task at regular intervals.
But its complaining about the columns to map.

I have added the '/columns:an_quote_quad.QuoteID' section to my command line, where an_quote_quad is the table name and QuoteID is the column name (this is the primary key to the table).

Please can anyone point me in the right direction on this.



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    Hi Steve,
    The documentation says
    columns:<table or view regex>:<column names>
    Alias: /cols

    Specifies which columns within a table / view are to be migrated.

    Use this argument to specify in which columns data to be migrated resides. Table / view names are matched using a regular expression to prevent you from needing to specify fully qualified names, however under most circumstances it will not make sense to supply a regular expression that would match more than one table or view. Columns should be specified as a comma-delimited list of their names.

    So I would presume that you should have

    Note the second :

    Hope that helps.
    David Connell
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