Support for free-form object filter?

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I have a fairly large database schema -- around 700 tables
SQL Compare (and the reports it generates) becomes fairly slow with that size database.
We use a naming convention to logically group related tables, so it would make a lot of sense to me to be able to perform a comparison by area. So I'd like to be able to specify a free-form filter mask to eliminate "fat" from the comparison:

/* example 1: only tables in functional area xyz */
object_name LIKE 't_xyz%'

/* example 2: only tables with the column "customer" in them */
object_name IN (SELECT object_name(id) FROM syscolumns WHERE name = 'customer')


can this already be done now, or can it be added as a feature request?


  • Hi Johan,
    You can use regular expressions in the command line version of SQL Compare in-order to only select specific tables. (The command line version of SQL Compare can generate exactly the same reports as the GUI version. There is quite alot of information in the online help about the command line tools, which may be worth checking out.)

    I will put forward your other requests.

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