Functionality in version 3 not present at version 5

EsioNEsioN Posts: 103
In version 3, we have, in "diferences view" panel, one tab with the t-sql code that will be applied in my database to equal my data.
In version 5, I need to check my table, go to Syncronization wizard and follow some steps.

Is there any action I need to do, to have the same view like version 3?

In my case, my data can be changed in both sides, and I always need to run scripts in both sides, and follow all steps do see the syncronization wizard, takes a lot of time. It's forcing me continues using version 3 until these days...




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    Hi Ésio,
    Thank you for your comments. You currently need to go to the Synchronization Wizard.
    I will raise this issue with the developer concerned and we will look into this for future releases.
    Best regards
    David Connell
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