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I would like to be able to chose as part of the options:

1. Compare ALL Data
2. Find Missing Rows
3. Compare but Ignore Binary Fields (Image, etc..).

Option 2 would be nice because I just need to find the missing records in the destination database to insert, but I don't want to update anything that is already existing.

For example, I have a table that holds configuration settings for my application. The end user has the ability to change the values of the records in the table. I now add a new feature to my application and it requires that I add a new record in the configuration table.

When I do the comparison, I don't want to risk overwriting any user changes.

Brien King


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    This should also be possible. Just include all the tables in you comparison then in the results grid uncheck the two columns representing "different" and "only in right hand database" (or use the menu from the actions button).

    Unfortunately we do not allow column level removal after the comparison but you can certainly run the comparison without binary/images by removing the column in the tables and views tab.

    - James
    James Moore
    Red Gate Software Ltd
    James Moore
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