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Unable to change options for SQL backup via remote desktop

davidwdavidw Posts: 6
edited June 2, 2006 6:20AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi we have two servers running SQL Backup.

Server 1 : Internal SQL 2000 server
Server 2: Internal DMZ SQL 2000 server, (Clustered)

Server 1: I can connect with remote desktop and change options in SQL Backup.

Server 2: I can connect with remote desktop but cant change any of the options. (standard licence restriction)

Im aware of the clustered licence but we have only installed it on the primary server. We are not running it with cluster failover.

Any ideas what the problem is, i can go and set it up locally on the server but it would be great if i can contol it with remote desktop




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    I logged on locally onto the server and I have the same problem

    I tried the SQL Server registration of the server name or the cluster name but the same problem
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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    You need a professional license to use SQL Backup on clusters.

    Technically, the GUI compares the server name portion of the instance against the physical machine name, and for a local instance, this would match. So for a local instance with a standard license, the GUI will still allow you to administer the instance.

    On a cluster node, however, the instance has a virtual server name, which will not match the physical machine name, thus preventing you from administering the cluster node with a standard license, though physically, it is a local instance.

    This is intentional. You really do require a professional license to use the SQL Backup GUI to administer cluster nodes.
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