How to minimize the drop and recreation table when syncing

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I have a replication db of my production database. When I compare a snapshot of my production database with the replication db and want to make replication db a full production database, I see that the sync script generated as making a temp table, copying data then dropping the existing table. My tables have many rows, copying them would take a long time for me and that won't work for the case when I need to use replication db as production db quickly. The difference looks to me to be only the constraint DEFAULT and index'es are not there in the replication db. Is there a way to make the script to be generated so that it only add constraint defaults to the existing table?

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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Zin,

    SQL Compare doesn't generally try to rebuild tables if it can alter them instead. I think the answer lies in the reason why the table needs to be rebuilt. If you go through the synchronization wizard, and have a look at the warnings tab, what is the reason stated that the table needs to be rebuilt? If you can avoid whatever situation is causing the need for the table to be rebuilt, then you can try to avoid this by setting the appropriate options in the comparison settings.
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