Red ant profiler licensing


we had purchased 2 license pack(one of 10 users and other of 5 users).
In our environment at a single point of time there will be 5-6 dev. projects going on
and we have nearly 200 developers. we would like to use red-ant profiler

we would like to give the license to the developers on need, so that they can install
it in their machines and once their work is done, they will uninstall it
from their machines.

in this case how our licensing will work. please let me know about the same.
Can we use our 15 users licenses to do this.(At any point of time there will
be only one user using one license



  • Hi there,

    the licensing for ANTS Profiler is on a per user basis. If you envisage having 200 developers using the tool from time to time, then we really need to sort you out with a site licence. You really shouldn't be trying to stretch your 15 user licenses across 200 developers. I will ask our sales team to contact with you more details on how we can set up a site licence.

    Nice to hear that the tool is proving so useful.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • It will not be stretched across 200 developers. only 15 developers will be active at any point of time. others will not be in development or in a position to use red-ant profiler.

    My question is today if a set of 15 developers use the profiler, tomorrow can i uninstall those profiler instances when they do not need and install it for another 15 user who need it.

  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    No you can't. If you have 200 developers then you need 200 licences.
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