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Object Properties - SQL Script - Missing vertical scroll bar

stevehurcombestevehurcombe Posts: 22
edited May 25, 2006 12:32PM in SQL Dependency Tracker
Subject say's it all really - there is no vertical scroll bar when the SQL Script is displayed.

As an additional feature could this be one of the docked panels?

I find this is a very useful feature when browsing.

Best regards


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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback. Yep, that's a small bugette in the 2.0 release. It's fixed for our forthcoming 2.1 maintainance release, which'll be free to existing customers.

    We did consider making the panel dockable. I'll pass your comment on to the team. In the meantime, you can still leave the script window open whilst you click around - admittedly this is easier on a high resolution or multi monitor system.

    Thanks again,

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