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I like the latest version much better than v4, but it'd be nice to see some additional features like:

1) It would be handy if in the SQL Differences window that there is a button (or better a button for each direction) that will take you to the next line with a change so that you don't have to carefully scroll thru a long stored procedure to find the one or two lines that changed. This would allow you to quickly find the change while still keeping the context of it by including the surrounding lines.

2) In the Synchronization Wizard, you have an option under Synchronize databases now for saving a copy of the SQL script, which is great. But it would be even better to have an additional option that allows you to save a backout script to undo the synchronization (you can kind of get there by saving the script of the reverse direction, but it'd be slick if you could just click a checkbox to have it created in its own folder).

Keep up the good work with the product! Thanks.


  • Hi Tsoren,

    These are both great suggestions, and ones that we had considered for SQL Compare during development. Unfortunately, in the run-up to releasing the product we had to sacrifice a few features, and both of these met that fate. That said, they're still in the melting pot for any future releases.

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  • Two other additional features that would be great:

    1) Have the ability to select only a portion of a table to be synchronized. For example, if you have a table that has column differences, index differences, and constraint differences, it would be nice to have the ability to only select the indexes, or only select the columns. In the display grid, they are already divided into sections. It would be nice to be able to limit which section is being synchronized.

    2) When exporting comaprison results, it would be nice to be able to have filters on the information that is exported. For example, only export procedures or views, or only export objects that are identical in both dbs, etc....
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    When the highlighted and selected object before synchronization is NOT in the "Identical objects" section but ends up IN the "identical objects" section after sync., could you NOT expand the "identical objects" section and scroll down to the original highlighted object, please?

    It's a pain to have the "identical objects" contracted, then synchronize and have it expanded to show several thousand objects listed that are of no interest, only to have to scroll up to contract the section again... After all, the tool's main purpose is to show different objects, so our focus would normally be on those sections after a synchronization has been performed.
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