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i have an application for which i have to perform the testing of web services...

Whether we have to create a wsdl document to reocrd scripts for a web service?
once the wsdl document is loaded, wat we hav to do to continue with the recording??
do explain me in detail as i am using the tool right now..


  • Hi there,

    you should add a web reference to the web service that you want to test. You will then need to write the script by hand to target the API provided by the web service. More details are available in the help file.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • whether can i give the url of the application in the text field which pops up once the web reference button is clicked??
    i have a sequence of steps which has to be recorded in the application which is built based on Soap and XML?? ..how to go about that??
    do clarify me regarding this....
  • Hi there,

    you can try recording the script using Internet Explorer. However, the requests will only access the web service using GET requests rather than posts using SOAP.


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