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Newbie needs help

joeferryjoeferry Posts: 2
edited May 22, 2006 3:29AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I'm new to the Red-Gate products. After having been introduced to SQL Compare, and being very favorably impressed, I am now looking at SQL Dependency Tracker 2. The diagram it produces is geared toward showing what objects are dependant upon a given object. I am more interested in the reverse: What objects does this object depend upon? I see that the tree to the bottom right can help answer this question, but is it possible to create a diagram that answers my question more directly? Thanks.


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    You can do this by going to the Tools/Options menu. Then on the Diagram tab there is the ability to choose the behaviour you are after by turning on "Add objects that the selected objects use" and switching off "Add objects that the selected objects are used by"

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