Problem with 3rd Party UDDTs being include

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I am trying to create an update package but everytime I get to the Generating SQL script dialog, scripting (data) stage I get an error saying unknown type - sys.ST_SPATIAL. ST_SPATIAL is a UDDT from a 3rd party that we use to store spatial data in the database.

I have tried this with only selecting a single table to update that does not use ST_SPATIAL and I have removed the Include Dependencies but I still get this error.

What must I do in order to get packger to ignore this UDDT?
Sean Flook


  • Hi Sean,

    Try disabling "Include indexed views" from the Data options. (This option can be found by selecting Options from the Tools menu, and then by selecting the data tab form)
    FYI please see for more information

    Hope this helps

    David Connell
  • This did not work.

    I am not actually including any data in the package just changes to the objects.

    I get this error even if I have only selected a change to a single table that does not include the UDDT. The application seems to be checking everything and ignoring my selections.
    Sean Flook
  • Hi Sean,
    Is it possible to send me a backup of your database please?
    ([email protected])
    David Connell
  • Hi Sean,

    thanks for sending in your databases. We were able to reproduce the problem here. Apart from the issue in Data Compare whereby UDTs in indexed views don't work, there is also a problem in SQL Packager whereby it is impossible to switch off the 'Include indexed views' option, i.e. if you switch it off, click OK, and then go back its enabled again. Sorry about that. (Switching off Include indexed views in Data Compare it works.)

    The only workaround I can offer at the moment is to use the SQL Packager command line, which is part of SQL Packager Pro, however. If you want to give it a go and you don't have a Pro version please contact [email protected] and they will give you one for free.

    We will fix both issues in the next release of SQL Bundle.

    Apologies again,

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