ANTS Load ID issue

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We are using ANTS load to test our product which is web based and an e-learning service. We create folders/users and we delete the same. Each folder created has a new id and so does the user. We are using a soft delete where the flag is turned to 1 on deletion and 0 on creation. What we see when we run the project is that no new id gets created for the Virtual clients in the database. can you kindly help. Are you going wrong somewhere in using the tool.


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    Unfortunately I don't know enough about your web application to be of much help, but you may want to use some diagnostics logging to see if you can find the reason why the requests are succeeding, but no data is being written.

    You can use the logtofile method to log the web page content to the antstracelog.txt file in the ANTS Load folder. You can also use ReportWarning to put messages into the report.
    Me.ReportWarning("something.aspx returned HTTP status "&WebClient.HttpResponse.Status.ToString())
  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. The data is being posted. The problem was due to viewstate being corrupted. Once the viewstate was replaced in WebClient.Viewstate with the respective viewstate for that post, data was written into the database.... Thank you..:D
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