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Hello Shachaf,

We've been aware for the last few months that some of the controls used
in SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are not Unicode-aware, resulting in
unpredictable results when using Hebrew characters. Sometimes they display
properly, and other times, garbage characters appear instead.

With the next version of software due out in a few weeks, the problem
should be gone because we are writing the next version in Microsoft .Net.
.Net's controls are, as far as we know, all Unicode aware.


-Brian Donahue

"Shachaf" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Hello,
> I am using tables with some Unicode characters (e.g. Hebrew). When
> a script the Unicode character are transformed into question marks
> ('??????'). I usually encounter this kind of behaviors when the text is in
> ASCII encoding.
> Have I missed a setting option or is this limitation of the product.
> Tx,
> Shachaf
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