Any way to filter the rows compared?

I am evaluating SQL Data Compare to see if we can use it as part of a recovery process for a customer's database. I tried out both the UI and the comparison API in .NET.

It seems to work well. However, the database is large with the data file currently around 11 GB in size. A comparison of all tables took somewhere between 2 and 3 hours (one of the servers involved was a slow development server).

Because I want to reduce the comparison time to 30 minutes at most, I'm looking for ways to optimize the comparison. For example, I am going to exclude tables with static data.

For tables with a very large number of rows, I know that many of the records won't change (e.g., the customer never changes records more than a year old).

Is there a way for me to restrict the rows that are compared for an individual table? For example, compare only those rows where the CreatedOn field contains a date value that falls within the last year.
Sean Winstead


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