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Sql Compare Fatal Exception

MattEMattE Posts: 6
edited May 16, 2006 11:15AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there,

Hopefully someone here has had and resolved this issue..

I have been uisng SQL Compare happily for some time. Recently however when I tried to use it (or any of the installed SQL Bundle tools)
I get an error dialog.

The title reads Redgate.SQLCompare.UI.exe - Fatal...

THe error body is CLR Error: 800004005.
The program will now terminate.

I desparately need Sql Compare back!


Our SysAdmin tells me that the support that came with our licences has just expired...


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    I have reinstalled more than once, without any result....
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    Hi there,

    I take it that this error is occuring right at the start of the application, rather than part way through a comparison?

    Can you tell me what version of the SQL Bundle you have installed, the version history in the help file should have the details if you cannot start any of the SQL Bundle tools.

    Also may I ask which version of .NET you are running? The folders in C:\winnt\Microsoft.NET\Framework should give the you exact build numbers.

    Can you check the event log for any SQL Bundle tools error and cut and paste any errors there into the forum too please?

    Have you installed any new applications recently?


    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Thanks. Yes, the exception occurs before the app loads....

    The latest version listed in version history is :
    v 3.1.7 - 3rd June 2004

    I have the following versions of the framework installed:

    v2.0.50727 (not sure what this is? a FX 2.0 service pack? dunno)

    (This is my development machine.)

    I can't see any related errors / warnings in any of the event logs.

    I'm continuously installing stuff but a quick scan looks like the following are relatively recent.

    Windows Defender
    XML Spy Eval 2006
    Open STA (Web app testing framework)

    Thanks in advance...
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    Hi Jonathan,

    Any ideas?


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    Hi there,

    it sounds like something is messed up on your machine. Can you try the following for us

    1) Uninstall SQL Bundle
    2) Uninstall .NET Framework (2.0.50215) as this looks like a beta
    3) Delete the Red Gate bundle directory from C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Bundle (and C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Bundle5 if you have used SQL Bundle 5)
    4) Reinstall Red Gate SQL Bundle 5.1 - just released this week and available for download from our website.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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    Thanks, installing 5.1 sorted the problem.
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