Ants unable to see Plug-In dlls

We have a project that brings in other DLLs dynamically using a C# call, i.e. Assembly.LoadFrom(file_path). At runtime, Ants doesn't seem to be aware of these DLLs, i.e. can't examine source for the Plug-Ins. Is there any way to get Ants to see DLLs that are loaded dynamically at runtime?


  • Hi there,

    my first thought is that the pdb file for your plugin is not in the same location as your dll. For ANTS Profiler to show the source code it needs the pdb file to be in the same directory as the dll. We have tested that Assembly.Load works correctly in this scenario.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • With the plugin DLLs we now build to a new directory which does not contain the .pdb files. Per your help, I copied them over and Ants is now working.

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