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GUI behavious after synchronise

rgribblergribble Posts: 88
edited September 8, 2006 7:05PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
i have found that after i do a synchronise and select the option to compare once it's done that the screen is redisplayed with the "objects that are identical" sectoin expanded, and the focus about 1/3 to 1/2 way down the list.

before i did the synch, this section was totally minimised, as i dont care about identical differences.

The same issue happens to me sometimes when i hit F5 to refresh the comparison. Suddenly im jumped down halfway into the "identical objects section"

It would be better if the GUI could remember the collapsed/expanded state of each section, and maintain them after the comparison is refreshed

for example, i expect to performn the synch, and then on refresh everything should be collapsed and i can easily see that there are 0 items in the different, only in left, only in right sections, and all objects are now inm the identical section

the way it is currently you have to scroll to the top (or hit home), collapse the identical section again, and then you can visually see the state after the synchronisation


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    I've noticed this too and have put it down to SQL Compare remembering the last selected object, then making sure it is reselected after the sync.
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    Hi there,

    you are right that it will always bring the selected object into view again. We found that this was the behaviour that most people wanted.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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    OK yes i realise it is restoring the previously highlighted object even if it now lives down in the equal section. I agree this is probably a good thing for a lot of users

    But once you have clicked on something to show it in the differences pane, there is no way to click off in some area that CLEARS the difference pane. I would like to be able to make it so i have NOTHING selected, so that when i run the compare, it will leave me at the top and not go and find my previous selection in it's new location.

    In a future version could you consider adding a way to deselect an item, so nothing is selected (just like when you open a fresh project and havent clicked on any objects yet).

    perhaps the act of collapsing the section could deselect an item if you had it selected
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    rgribble wrote:
    In a future version could you consider adding a way to deselect an item, so nothing is selected (just like when you open a fresh project and havent clicked on any objects yet).

    I'll second that motion. It would be handy to be able to non select something
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    PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
    When the highlighted and selected object before synchronization is NOT in the "Identical objects" section but ends up IN the "identical objects" section after sync., could you NOT expand the "identical objects" section and scroll down to the original highlighted object, please?

    It's a pain to have the "identical objects" contracted, then synchronize and have it expanded to show several thousand objects listed that are of no interest, only to have to scroll up to contract the section again... After all, the tool's main purpose is to show different objects, so our focus should be on those sections after a synchronization has been performed.
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