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In trying to evaluate the software, I am having a problem getting it to reconize external references that corss a linked server

For example when evaluating the following object, I get the message "SQL Server Does not exists" when trying to resolve the external reference to LinkServer.DB.DBO.Bar. However when the procedure is executed it works correctly.

Create Procedure foo
Exec LinkServer.DB.DBO.Bar


  • Thanks for the report.

    We're looking into this - it looks like our parser doesn't fully support linked servers.

    It tries to translate that four part name such that LinkServer is a literal SQL Server instance name.

    I'll pass this on to the appropriate development team. We may be able to add this support for a future release, provided that the server on the other end of the link is a SQL Server 2000 or 2005 instance. Meantime, you should still be able to use a literal server name, assuming that server is a SQL Server 2000 or 2005 instance.


  • Hi! I have the same problem.

    This problem can be partially resolved creating "Alias" on "Client Network Utility" on the computer where the DT is running.

    The dependent objects will apears on the diagram but with the message: "External Reference" - "Database not in project".

    I use the right mouse click on object, "Add to Project" - "Resolve External References" and the dependent objects is show.

    But the Message Report still full of this messages:

    Parsed Dependency Resolution

    23/5/2006 15:00:53

    Unable to resolve object '[Alias].[DatabaseName].[dbo].[object]' in unknown database '[Alias].[DatabaseName]' referenced by stored procedure '[MyServer].[Database].[dbo].[Procedure]'. Ensure the server exists and that you have included the database in your SQL Dependency Viewer project.


    Fernando Salvio
  • Thanks Fernando,

    That's a very good workaround. If this works, I'd recommend others with this issue follow your lead for the moment.

    The warning you're seeing is a standard one; Dependency Tracker flags any unresolved reference, whether it ultimately can be resolved by right clicking and Resolving External References or not.

    All the best,

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