Insufficient System Resources To profile

I am trying to run a profile both memory and code on an 2.0 application. I always get this message at the end of a session or when taking a snapshot.
The message reads "There are insufficient system resources available for profiling, profiling will now stop. Please try again"

I have a screenshot of this message alongside task manager which shows there is lots of memory available but there is no way to attach it to this post.

At what resource level is this exception triggered? Is it configurable?

Can someone help?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    Basically ANTS Profiler tries to detect and handle low-memory situations. You're probably very, very low on memory and there's nothing you couls do short of adding more memory or maybe increasing your page file size.

    In performance profiling, you can limit the data that profiler collects potentially by disabling the profiler for short periods where you're not interested in the results. Unfortunately this is not available for memory profiling.
  • Can I send you my screen shot of task manager to show you the available memory etc, or i could run more in depth perf mons. It's just the box I am running on has 512mb - not great I know but I am only running ants profiler, I have shutdown .net, sql server etc and it shows I have a largeish amount of available memory

  • Anyone there?
    We have just brought 5 license bundle of the load/profiler and we need this looking at. If the hardware we are running this on is too low spec please can you guide me on spec so I can have some evidence that we need more ram

  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Steve,

    There is no hard and fast rule. If you were able to figure out how much memory the results are taking up in the back end, you could roughly multiply this by three because there needs to be extra buffer space for transmission of the results over named pipes, and exporting to the grid.

    You could get a bit more information from the logs, if you create a logs subfolder in the ANTS Profiler program folder and restart the ANTS Profiler Service.
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