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Hello John Arne,

Thank you for your comments about Data Compare. We get a lot of valuable
input from our user community here on the newsgroups.
I don't want to give too much away, but I can tell you that the UI is
undergoing significant changes right now. It's going to be more suited to
Data Compare and look a lot less like SQL Compare. I think it's going to be
closer to what you asked for here.

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> Hi.
> I've got a suggestion for a change in SQL DATA COMPARE.
> I'm now running v.2.02 and i know there is a v2.03 version out. I'll
> soon
> When you click compare on a database registerd in the main window, it
> be nice to have the compare window start with that selected database
> of opening the last compared template.
> It would also be nice if you could split the compare window into to two
> windows. The first where you can select databases to compare without
> to wait for sql data compare to look for/create template for each change
> database. The next windows could then be the template for the selected
> databases.
> John-Arne Lillebø
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