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No Intellisense Appearing

k7buoyk7buoy Posts: 6
edited September 1, 2014 9:30AM in SQL Prompt

As of this morning my intellisense has stopped working. I have restarted the machine several times, checked updates and so forth all with no luck. Having searched around for similar topics I can't seem to find a pointer to the resolution.

I am running on SSMS Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 10.50.2550.0 for SQL 2008 R2 and I have all native assistance turned off.

Would you be able to provide some guidance to other areas that I should investigate.

Many thanks.


  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi k7buoy,

    The first thing to check is make sure that the Prompt suggestions are enabled: if you navigate to SQL Prompt->Options and make sure "Display code suggestions" is ticked as well as "Automatically display suggestions after" is ticked.

    Otherwise, are you getting this for every script (even a new, blank query) or is it only on specific scripts that you're not getting intellisense on?

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